The Smart family working in Swaziland

In November 2017, we moved to Swaziland to become long-term volunteer Missionaries with Elim Missions and Challenge Ministries Swaziland at an amazing town named Bulembu, which serves about 350 orphaned and vulnerable children and is a centre of community enterprise providing hundreds of jobs, with all profits going to the childcare  programme.

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Why Swaziland?

Swaziland is in crisis. With the highest AIDS rate in the world of 27% of a population around a million, this leaves about 1 in 5 children without adult family. There are approximately 230,000 orphaned and vulnerable children who need care. With a focus on ‘In community, by community’, Challenge Ministries and Bulembu Ministries are working together to build a sustainable future for this generation of children one child at a time.

Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) is working to build a sustainable future for this generation of children one child at a time, with children’s homes, pre-schools, health clinics, and church plants. We are working for Elim Missions UK, who partner with CMS.

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What do we do?

We are working as long term volunteer missionaries, in outreach, church plants, orphan care projects, based at an amazing project called Bulembu with around 350 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Dan is working with the media teams to support their web projects, and mentoring young people in software skills. He is also teaching IT at Bulembu High School for 17-18 yr olds, equipping them with IT skills to give them a bright future.

Rachel uses her creative skills in the pre-school, royal rangers and other areas, writes for the Bulembu website and both Dan and Rachel will be supporting ICBC church plants (In Community By Community projects) around Swaziland.

How can you help?

We are voluntary workers, which means each year we have to fundraise our annual living costs. We need your support each year to help us – either one-off donations or regular giving, no matter how small or big. You can do this online!

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