National Disaster in Swaziland

Dear friends,

I just wanted to bring to your attention the current situation in Swaziland. Here in the UK we argue over leaving or remaining in the European Union, with the debate taking over every bit of national and social media, while the USA approaches their presidential election. While each hour passes and temperatures rise causing outbursts of hate, somewhere in Africa there are invisible children passing away due to the extreme circumstances and no one sees or hears.  We believe that for some reason God has called our family to be a voice for a forgotten nation. We won’t rest until we have brought the country’s plight to the attention of everyone that we can.


The good news is that there are individuals serving the nation of Swaziland tirelessly every day, through building relationships and identifying those with the greatest needs, then doing all they can to get to the root of the problems and solve them. This is the mission of Challenge Ministries, and this weekend Dan will be running the Swansea Half Marathon to raise awareness and sponsorship to get us to Swaziland to be full time for CMS. Please give generously and consider setting up monthly by direct debit if you wish to help for a year or more. One person can make a difference, all of us together can change the world!




Rachel Smart

Missionary, mummy and mime artist

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