2017 Summer Update!

We are getting closer. We have completed our Elim Missions training and been officially commissioned. Did we suddenly attire  ourselves in smocks and sandals? No. Have we newly acquired halos hovering over our heads? No. Are we terrified? Yes!

As we approach our funding target everything is becoming, well, REAL.

This Star is going short for Swaziland! Update to follow.


The fact that we are getting rid of 90% of our belongings is more real, that we wish we could cram 3+ Years of family time, REAL, that I need my renewed “bumper” passport to arrive, double check vaccines and a million and one items on this to do list… that we may finally achieve a very long-cultivated dream and the pain of sacrifices made to fulfil it… starkly real.


Donating hair to Little Princess Trust for chemo patients

We are so grateful to every person who has supported us. We can’t stop thanking you!

The children are very focussed and animated about their excitement and anticipation and have been great at articulating their concerns as well, which means we are able to tackle those concerns. This is a huge blessing. We are sorry we can’t yet give more information on our departure yet but we are eagerly awaiting news any day now! The response from our friends and family has been amazing as we watch our donations come in resulting in 80% funding for our first year. *this has risen to 85% since draft.

We however are praying for regular monthly support in the form of direct debit in order to sustain the work past yr 1.

We continue to aim for 3+ years.  If you would like to help with this please go to the How you can Help section on this website. We are eternally grateful!

The work of Challenge Ministries Swaziland is expanding rapidly this year with four new In Community By Community projects launching in new areas! This is fantastic progress as, for example, many new children are being fed at a new feeding centre, and elderly people literally receive lifelines through health care. Children suffering from abuse have been rescued and received care this month. The list goes on and it’s what all of this is about…

Let’s keep doing this together!

Thank you,

Rachel, Dan, T, S, and A.


Rachel Smart

Missionary, mummy and mime artist

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