Sponsored hair donation

Hi! We are 7 and 5 year old sisters and we are each going to donate 7 inches of our hair to the Little Princess Trust who will use it to give to cancer patients.

We can’t wait to see how it looks and help children who have lost their hair after treatment.

We also can’t wait to go to Swaziland. We are all looking forward to living in Africa and we want to see our friends at Challenge Ministries Swaziland where we will be missionaries for about 3+ years.

Please give a donation if you can. It would be amazing if you could sponsor us monthly because we need regular support to stay longer. This can be any amount even just £2 a month.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping xx

To sponsor us monthly or give a one-off donation, please go to www.elimmissions.co.uk/smart and click ‘Donate’.

Note from Mum and Dad: the girls won’t see your online donation so if you give please comment below to encourage them. Thanks!


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