Tallie, Seren, and Anaya – Sponsor us for our 1km race

We’re all really excited about moving to Swaziland, and are all now fundraising towards our 2nd year. As part of this, each of  us will be taking part in the Swansea Bay Junior 1km races 2017 as a sponsored race.

Seren and Anaya will be doing the ‘ages 7 and under’ race and I myself (Tallie)  will be doing the ‘ages 8 to 11 yrs’ race, which is slightly after. We have been doing training with Dad recently, and hope to receive sponsors, as well as doing as well as we can in the race itself.

Sponsor us!

Sponsoring us will help us as a family to work in orphan care and help those in extreme poverty. Thank you!

Sponsor Tallie, Seren and Anaya!

Please leave a comment below to let us know you’ve sponsored us as we don’t get a notification if you sponsor us with the link above.


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