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Dan: I’ve started a new role as a part-time IT teacher at Bulembu High School. I’m teaching a class of eight Form 5’s, who are aged between 17-19. It’s great to be working closely with a group of young people, and I believe that God has given me this opportunity to encourage them and to equip them with skills to do well in the future – especially considering that they all came from very difficult backgrounds before moving to Bulembu. Teaching is something new for me – so I’m having to learn how to prepare classes, teach well, and write and mark tests. Your prayers are very welcome!

The Bulembu High computer room

The rest of the week, I’m working at the Bulembu office, helping the Connect team with the website and IT, as well as training a couple of young people. I travel once a week to the Challenge Ministries head office at Potter’s Wheel Church in Mbabane – an hour and a half drive up and down the valleys, which includes taking the 19km dirt road from Bulembu to Piggs Peak – it can often be a trial navigating all the bumps and rocks and puddles with our minivan, and sometimes the road is impassable if the weather has been very wet and rainy! Please pray for safety on the roads.

Our car after a drive on the Bulembu to Piggs Peak road

We have been getting to know many of the young people in the village, sometimes being called ‘Make’ (pronounced ‘Maa-gey’.) and ‘Babe’ (pronounced ‘Baa-bey’) – meaning Mother and Father, an unusual feeling for us! There are a couple of young guys who have set up a gardening business, who now cut our lawn for us, and we are enjoying to get to know them.

A view of Mount Emlembe by Bulembu

One of the unique things about Bulembu is that people will wave and say hello, even if you don’t know them. Just walking to the Bulembu Store to get some fresh milk can involve greeting many people! You also get to take in the beautiful mountain views and wildlife. It is so sad that in spite of the beauty there is a sharp contrast with the harsh reality of life for the majority of Swazi people.

We are praying that God’s beauty and abundant life will come to the people of Swaziland.

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