You know you’re in Bulembu when…

• Your face aches after a 5 minute drive from one end of Bulembu to the other from smiling at passers by… and something else aches from bouncing over potholes!

• You go to bed on a rainy day under 3 blankets and when you wake up it’s 40’C and blazing sun. And the next morning it’s flipped again…

• A 15 minute walk home from school takes 45 minutes as you stop for a lovely chat with the pastor, the baker and candlestick maker… maybe not that one.

• You go on the hour’s drive across the border to get ham and cheese and spend it naming all the baboons you see on the roadside to keep things entertaining.

• Your kids spend the afternoon playing with the worlds smallest lizard

• It takes you four attempts to pronounce each new person’s name, but they all have special and interesting meanings.

To be continued!

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Rachel Smart

Missionary, mummy and mime artist

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