Elusitweni Women’s Centre- Teen Challenge


I (Rachel) thought I’d give a quick explanation about the ladies rehab and my volunteer work there. I have been involved in a teen challenge centre for ideas about twice a month for about a year now and run creative mornings that reinforce the subjects they are studying on the program. Teen challenge is a highly successful rehabilitation program for people with life controlling habits such as drug and alcohol abuse, and it teaches foundations of the Christian faith. People on the programme receive food and lodgings and pastoral care in a highly disciplined environment designed to help them become free and sober, they gain privileges as time goes on and can be there up to three years.

Then they are supported in transition into work and normal life afterwards including reconciliation with family and community when safe to do so. Some ladies arrive expecting a baby and have newborns at the centre and many have suffered violence are able to find health and healing. The name of the centre means place of help and the dedicated staff are remarkable and committed people. Speakers from local church Potters Wheel come in and teach, days are structured with a schedule of team housekeeping, food preparation, prayer and classes.

It has been a pleasure to be part of and it was great to see two of the girls graduate and four newer girls baptised over the year. The creative sessions provide a way for the girls to get out from behind their desks and have some fun expressing themselves while still exploring the bible topics they are studying such as temptation and forgiveness. Sessions can include a mime performance to illustrate the subject, testimonies, sharing, gratitude journaling, ballet, physical theatre, improvisation, worship dance and even a bit of Israeli folk when we looked at Miriam and the Red Sea crossing!

A lovely girl recently graduated and kept on saying she wanted to do ministry and become a missionary. She was insistent on this and is now working towards this. This year we are exploring new possibilities for training the girls, so watch this space for news very soon and there may be ways for you to help and get involved too! Please pray for guidance as we meet and make plans for the coming year! Thank you.



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