Royal Rangers

You may have seen photos of the Bulembu children looking Smart in Khaki uniforms decorated with badges, going on adventures and lots of mentions but who are the Royal Rangers at Bulembu? It’s easy to compare the Rangers to scouts because of things like achieving badges for learning how to tie different rope knots, building fires and going camping but there are definite differences too. The Royal Rangers have a code based on Bible truth and includes bible class every week, and the clearly structured leadership program that takes rangers up a ladder of training and increasing responsibility includes Godly training.

The Rangers have so much fun! We have been able to see it from the inside by signing up the girls, having them earn first badges and helping out, joining hikes and special event days and teaching skill merits including the first ever mime merit.

The outpost is actually right across from our little road so it’s very easy to pop across for the Sunday afternoon session and the weather has rarely been bad on an outpost day so many activities take place outside. We sometimes mix with the older ones but usually we are with Ranger Kids (Anaya’s group, which has just had a new intake of 5 and 6 year olds) and Discovery Rangers which include Seren and Tallie’s ages. Our girls have loved their group leaders who have all come through the program gradually taking on more responsibility, for example teaching Bible lessons. Royal Rangers is led by a couple named Akhi and Allison and they have recently placed one of the young leaders in charge of the sessions for these two age groups.

It’s brilliant to see the older ones learning to lead as well as the fun of the younger ones learning through games and pure fun. The hikes can be intense when it is over 30 degrees Celsius and we are yet to experience a camp – our 3 are certainly looking forward to their first one! For now we enjoy that they have learned rope knots, Tallie attended mime skill, Seren completed art merit and they are about to start Ornithology this weekend. They have baked stick bread around fires, played in waterfalls and memorized bible verses along the way. We can’t wait to see what’s next!


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