About Eswatini (Swaziland)

Here is an overview of the crisis and an introduction to what is being done by Challenge Ministries Swaziland:

Challenge Ministries (and Bulembu Ministries) work with all ages with the most needy and vulnerable people in many areas of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). There are 250,000 orphaned and vulnerable children and the country has the highest AIDS rate in the world and has recently suffered 2 years of drought.

Challenge Ministries serves in a number of ways and one is through their In Community By Community projects (ICBCs) around the country. They work with local Swazi pastors to serve orphans, elderly and entire communities many of whom are in extreme poverty. The aim is to join with indigenous pastors who share the vision to provide orphan and community care through pre school education, children’s homes, health care and more. The ICBCs are increasing, there were 12 in early 2020 and there are more being planted as we write. Find out more about Challenge Ministries at http://www.cmswazi.org/

We (Dan and Rachel) are serving at a project called Bulembu Ministries. Bulembu is an entire town in the north west of Eswatini, devoted to caring for over 350 orphans and vulnerable children. We currently work in the following areas:

  • Worship Academy – we are bringing Biblical worship and music training to young people and the community in the town of Bulembu.
  • Dance Training – teaching ballet, dance, and mime to children in Bulembu and at the CMS women’s centre.
  • Mobile computer skills training – we have worked regularly at the CMS women’s centre to bring basic computer skills training
  • Web and IT – supporting the infrastructure of Bulembu to enable staff to work effectively, and training young people to be able to do it also.

Find out more about Bulembu Ministries at http://www.bulembu.org/