Sponsor Dan for the Swansea Bay Half Marathon 2016

SHM_Logo_2016_NewAt 9am on 26th June 2016, Dan ran the Swansea Bay Half Marathon to raise funds towards our upcoming move to work as missionaries in Swaziland.

You can still sponsor him by going to the Elim Missions website via the button below, and click on the ‘Support this Missionary’ button, where you can give online (it works better with desktop / tablet rather than mobiles).

Sponsor Dan online

We don’t get notified automatically if you make a donation, so please do drop Dan an email to encourage him.

How did it go?

Dan did a time of 1 hour 54 and 51 seconds – beating his target of 2 hours by a comfortable margin! Thank you to everyone who sponsored him!

See the full race time here.

And I just found a bit of video of me at YouTube at the 10 mile mark (I’m in the blue vest, black shorts, and bright yellow trainers, looking fairly tired!).

What will we be doing in Swaziland?

Following Rachel’s trip to Swaziland in 2014 with sister Rosie and brother-in-law Matthew, we both decided to explore moving to Swaziland to become Missionaries with Elim Missions. Since then we have been offered a long-term volunteer missionary role at an amazing town named Bulembu, which serves nearly 400 orphaned and vulnerable children and is a centre of community enterprise providing hundreds of jobs, with all profits going to the childcare  programme. We are now at the fundraising stage which means that we will need to raise our living costs for the first year in order to begin.

Here is an overview of the crisis and an introduction to what is being done by Challenge Ministries Swaziland, which is the organisation we’ll be working with in Swaziland:

Had Dan ever run this far before?

Dan has run a few 5k and 10k races in the last 5 years, but has never attempted this distance before – a half marathon is just over 21k, so he will be running double his previous distance!

What’s the route, and can I cheer him on?

Your support will keep Dan going till the end, please come cheer him on! Good places to cheer him on are at Black Pill, Castle Square, and Mumbles.


Sponsor Dan online